Weekend Childbirth Express ClassOnline registration for this event. Who it’s for: Expectant parents and partners (that includes whoever will be a support person at the birth of your baby). Focus on vaginal delivery. Details: This Lamaze format class meets on either  Friday night from 6:30 to 9:30 pm and on Saturday from 9 to 5pm ( Fri and Sat Weekend Class)   or  on Saturday from 9am to 5pm and Sunday from 9am to 1pm (Sat and Sun Weekend Class) . Course topics  include: hispanic
  • Pregnancy changes before and during labor
  • Laboring at home when in Early Labor
  • Practicing Comfort measures: how to cope with contractions through breathing and relaxation
  • Practicing various birth and pushing techniques
  • Routine hospital procedures for most DC Area Hospitals
  • Discussing various Medical pain relief: epidurals and narcotics
  • Review Cesareans Procedures in most hospitals
  • How to recover during the postpartum period
  • Also 6 month access to online new parent portal and Facebook  group.
  • Will provide realistic expectations and examples to work with hospital staff
Your partner is taught how to comfort you to make your labor easier. Please remember to bring two pillows and a blanket to class to use for practicing the coping techniques on Saturday. Fee is $200 per couple

Childbirth 123 ClassOnline registration for this event. Who it’s for: This  8-hour intensive class is designed for women and partners intending to have a vaginal delivery. Details: The class will help you prepare for a vaginal birth with an epidural or without an epidural. Using handouts, videos and instruction, you’ll learn about all aspects of a medicated vaginal birth. Specific topics covered include:
  • Focus on staying at home in Early Labor
  • Limited amount of Breathing, massage, and relaxation techniques for a medicated birth
  • Routine hospital procedures
  • How to recover during postpartum period
  • Discuss Cesareans procedures at most hospitals
  • Will provide realistic expectations and example to work with hospital staff
  • Suggest taking the 3-hour Comfort Measure class to practice additional pushing  & comfort techniques
  • Also 6 month access to online new parent portal and Facebook  group.
Medstar Hospital Prenatal Tour is included when meeting at Medstar location. Fee is $150 per couple.

Natural Approach to Childbirth ClassOnline registration for this event. Who it’s for: Women and partners with the goal of natural, non-medicated birth. Details:  Birth is a normal, healthy process. This four-week course covers all aspects of pregnancy and birth for parents who have the goal of limiting medical interventions.   This course introduces the Birth Languages curriculum developed by childbirth educators and labor doulas, who are also experts in adult learning.  Birth Languages is not a one-size-fits-all method. This method identifies the four languages of birth: Intuition, Movement, Touch, and Vocalization. The relaxed atmosphere of the class fosters learning, comfort, and confidence in the birthing process. The four week course will:
  • Empower you to unlock the potential of your unique Birth Language
  • Prepare companions to provide support during labor
  • Provide balanced, evidence-based information about pregnancy, birth and medical interventions
  • Include 6 month access to our Student Portal and unlimited access to the Birth Languages Student Facebook Group
Fee: $275.00 per couple for 4-Week course, 3-hours each session, including a Baby Care classes on the  4-week.  

Private Childbirth Class – Online registration for this event. Who it’s for: This class is recommended for women who are on bedrest or otherwise unable to attend Momease childbirth classes.   Details: Our private childbirth class is taught by a Momease certified childbirth educator or a certified Momease doula. The Momease instructor will create a 3-hour customized class for the expecting mom and her support person. The information presented includes:
  • Discussion of pregnancy changes
  • Physical and behavioral changes during labor and birth
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques for labor
  • Positioning and coping strategies for labor
  • Also 6 month access to online new partner portal and facebook  study group.
  • Will provide realistic expectations and examples to work with hospital staff
Fee is 275.00 Please fill out our client intake form.
Birthing Refresher and Comfort Measures – Online registration for this event. Who it’s for: Expectant women and partners. This class Birthing Refresher class is suitable for women that have birth experience or new mom wanting additional comfort measures. Details: This three-hour class provides the expectant mother and her partner with comfort techniques needed to cope with the pain of labor contractions. Birth partners will learn the optimal methods to make the expectant mother’s labor and delivery experience as easy as possible.
  • Specific content includes discussing your hopes for the upcoming birth and review past birth experience
  • Stages of Labor and comfort measure for each stage
  • Relaxation, breathing and visualization techniques position changes.
  • Massage and positive reinforcement
  • Much of the class time is devoted to practicing the techniques.
Fee is $75 per couple

Baby Baby Baby Class – Online registration for this event. Who it’s for: Parents or expectant parents of twins, triplets and other multiples. This class is appropriate to take during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Details: This helpful and informative two-hour class is designed for parents of multiples. It focuses on the various childbirth alternatives and situations that parents of multiples often experience. Parents also learn essential coping skills that help them care for multiple babies including special considerations or demands. Specific topics covered include:
  • Possible prenatal complications
  • Strategies for coping with prenatal complications
  • What happens if my babies are in the NICU
  • Feeding multiples
  • Routines for multiples in first six weeks
  • Recognizing individual twin/triplet temperment
  • Organizing for multiples
  • Stockpiling for twins/multiples
  • Logistics of breast feeding, storing milk and supplementing
  • Doctor’s visits, shopping and other activities
  • Will provide realistic expectations and examples to work with hospital staff
Fee is $75