Prenatal Yoga – Online registration .     Details:  Feel strong, calm, & balanced. Celebrate your pregnancy and prepare for childbirth and beyond with an hour of prenatal yoga! A traditional hatha-flow yoga class adapted for beginner to advanced yoga mommas in all stages of pregnancy to help:
  • Build strength to carry and deliver your baby with confidence
  • Open your hips and heart to make room for baby’s arrival
  • Learn breathing, meditation, and visualization techniques to help you through nausea, fatigue, and labor
  • Develop pelvic floor strength and awareness to help prevent incontinence, ease labor, and aid recovery
  • Single class: $22 or drop in.
  • Purchase 4 classes for $75–SAVE up to $13
  • Purchase 8 classes for $140–SAVE up to $36
  • Purchased 12 classes for $205–SAVE up to $59
    Meditation Class – Online registration for this event. Who it’s for: Parents or expectant parents wanting to prepare mentally for childbirth. This class is appropriate to take during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Details:  This class is designed to teach pregnant mom’s mindfulness meditation techniques to help her get into a deep state of relaxation.  The techniques will also help mom to realize when she is becoming fearful, anxious or stressed during the labor process and how to work to prevent those emotions from overwhelming her and making labor more difficult. The four class series will teach a number of techniques mom can use to cope with the various stages of labor.  At the classes, moms will learn the science behind mindfulness meditation as well as a number of meditation techniques and have ample opportunity to practice. The series will explore include:
  • concentration and breathing
  • relaxation body scan
  • meditation phrases
  • metta meditation (to open the heart)
Barbara Jazzo has been practicing Mindfulness Meditation for over two decades.  She currently teaches Mindfulness Meditation to a group of government attorneys.  Barbara also incorporates breathing and meditation into her childbirth education classes.