Brandi Smith – Baby Care & Breastfeeding Basics Instructor


I am a postpartum doula  and Baby Care Basics Instructor . My journey as a doula and educator arouse from my experience transitioning to motherhood.

I am a wife and the mother to three wonderful children, soon to be four children. I was formally trained as a special educator and have a master’s degree in my field. I have completed my training as a postpartum doula with Maternity Wise in 2012 and continue to seek learning opportunities to develop in my craft. My training included book studies, written article reviews, an eight-hour class with a master postpartum doula who has almost 10 years of experience.  I was providing postpartum support to mother’s prior to receiving formal training, using my knowledge as a mother and educator.

I have experience with supporting women during labor and delivery, infant care, lactation support, routine /schedule management, conflict resolution, and coping with anxiety and depression. I have supported over 50 families in their home in the DC metro area including MD and VA.



Carolyn Alexander – Baby Care & Breastfeeding Basics Instructor

Childbirth Educator and Labor Doula,  In the last seven years, I’ve attended over 270 births ( 94% Vaginal delivery rate, 2% Vbacs and 4% csections)  and have taught over 1000 expecting parents in childbirth classes. I’m certified in Reboz  techniques and certified Breastfeeding  and Lamaze trained educator.   Also a certified childbirth educator  with International Childbirth Educator Association  in 2010.

I’ve delivered at Medstar Washington Hospital Center, George Washington University Hospital, Inova Alexandria, Inova Fairfax, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, Ft Belvoir Hospital  and Sibley Memorial Hospital. I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your partner and to attend your baby’s birth.


Ann Carter – Childbirth Educator and Labor Doula,   I’m a certified Labor Doula  with DONA.


My own experience with birthing babies and working with birthing families has taught me that any birth will be better if you are informed and feel like you have some control of the decision-making process. I also believe that everyone can benefit from a calm, knowledgeable, experienced person who is a continuous presence during the birth process, regardless of your birth plans. I love learning about the birthing process and how to help families through it. As a result, I have attended Bradley classes, hypnobirthing classes, childbirth yoga classes, and have studied lactation education, VBAC education, and various comfort measure techniques.