Brandi Smith

I am a postpartum doula who has been providing services to mothers in the DC area since 2008. My journey as a doula arouse from my experience transitioning to motherhood. When I had my first child I was the first woman in my social circle to have a baby and the women in my life were very successful in their careers. They did not have the time available to leave work and support me day and night as I learned how to care for someone other than myself. My transition was difficult, because I often felt alone and overwhelmed, but I began to embrace the methods and supports that other cultures heavily relied upon. It was during my reading that I learned about a postpartum doula and how her role was vital in a new mother’s life especially now that families are smaller.

I am a wife and the mother to three wonderful children. I was formally trained as a special educator and have a master’s degree in my field. I have completed my training as a postpartum doula with Maternity Wise in 2012 and continue to seek learning opportunities to develop in my craft. My training included book studies, written article reviews, an eight-hour class with a master postpartum doula who has almost 10 years of experience. I was providing postpartum support to mother’s prior to receiving formal training, using my knowledge as a mother and educator. My program provided me with access to resources, information, and practices, that will allow to me to continue to provide my families with the best care possible.

I have experience with supporting women during labor and delivery, infant care, lactation support, routine /schedule management, conflict resolution, and coping with anxiety and depression. I have supported over 50 families in their home in the DC metro area including MD and VA.


Amy Lentner – Postpartum Doula and CPR Instructor

I am a certified postpartum doula with Madriella Doula Network and a Breastfeeding Counselor, Lactation Educator, Childbirth Educator, and am certified to teach CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross. I have been practicing since 2014 and am passionate about supporting parents in the early postpartum period. I first became interested in supporting parents during pregnancy and postpartum during my first pregnancy. I suffered from Postpartum Depression (PPD) after my oldest daughter was born and believe that all parents would benefit from additional support during pregnancy and beyond.

My main goal is to help new and veteran parents navigate the fourth trimester (first three months after birth) and feel confident and supported as they adjust to having a newborn join their family. I’m married and have two daughter’s ages 2 and 6 and live in Washington, DC. I’m married and have two daughter’s ages 2 and 6 and live in Washington, DC. As an Instructor I teach Baby Care Basics and CPR, am a certified Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator, Breastfeeding Counselor, and am certified to teach CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross. I have been teaching and attending births since 2014.

I am married and have two daughters’ ages 2 and 6 and live in Washington, DC. I love working with new and expecting parents as they learn essential skills like CPR and how to care for a newborn. I enjoy teaching classes and believe that every adult should know CPR “just in case”.