Sibley Memorial Hospital – For several years (2006–2010), Momease instructors worked as childbirth educators, teaching a variety of Sibley prenatal classes. We worked with the director of parent education and other staff members to redesign their curriculum to use InJoy Birth and Parenting Education materials.


Momease provides customized products and services!starter-kit

Our staff includes knowledgeable, creative people to research, prototype, produce and deliver new products that inform your clients.

  • Some of the clients we’ve already helped include:
    • – March of Dimes
    • – George Washington University Health Plan
    • – Time-Life Books
    • – Fairfax Hospital
    • – Washington Hospital Center
  • SIDS Alliance/1st Candle
  • Sibley Memorial Hospital
  • Mary Washington Hospital

The Prounicaregression Guide is a very visual and descriptive guide providing information about fetal development as well as easy exercises and tips to help mom maintain fitness. An interactive wheel with detailed illustrations gives parents an overview of fetal development from one to nine months. This 8″ x 8″ foldout opens to an 8″ x 24″ guide and makes the perfect wall hanging!

“We are using the Mom and Baby Progression Guides in our early pregnancy class called The Dos and Don’ts of Pregnancy. People play with them in class and then take them home. They are very appropriate. The Momease product goes quite well with [our] class. [Momease] covers everything we talk about in the class, such as nutrition and exercise.”

Kathy Miller, childbirth educator – Washington Hospital Center

Baby Bathrobe


This 100% terry cloth bathrobe can be used after a baby’s bath. Unlike the hooded bath towels, this product has less material and has a customized fit???. The water-absorbent terry cloth provides an easy way to dry babies and keep them warm after their bath. They are perfect for infant massages.

  • Kit Includes:
    • 1 Bathrobe · Baby Wash Cloths · Baby Announcement Board

Sibley and Momease Measure and Relaxation CDMedStar-Logo

The parent education manager at Sibley Memorial Hospital asked Momease to create a unique present for expecting mothers looking to labor without any medical interventions. The objective was to provide parents with a tool they could use at home and during labor in the hospital.

The result was a CD derived from certified childbirth educators, midwives and labor doulas as a tool for laboring mothers. It provides excellent visualizations and relaxation techniques to ease a laboring mom through early, active and transition laboring stages. This CD is one of many tools to assist with labor and delivery. It should be used in combination with medical advice from a general practitioner and supplemented with prenatal education classes and materials.

It is now available online at and can be customized as a gift.


Momease provided infant and child CPR classes for Corporate Executive Board employees at the company’s work site. This 90-minute class was customized for a small group of four employees, and their partners were invited to attend. The free lunchtime CPR course taught parents and family members CPR skills and how to relieve choking in both infants and small children. The American Heart Association (AHA) class that Momease used trains parents on signs of choking, how to prevent the most common fatal injuries in children, and how to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


Corporation Baby Shower and Gift Certificate

Momease has worked with several companies to customize postpartum services for their employees, such as online gift certificates to hire lactation or night-nurse services. The company provided the employee’s name, and Momease created a special page for other employees to contribute to the postpartum services.