Expecting a new baby is an exciting time. It’s also one that can be overwhelming with a variety of information, tips, facts, and helpful hints coming at you from all corners. That is why it’s good to be as prepared as possible before the big day arrives, especially if you are a single parent. When you take a single mom childbirth class in Washington, DC, from us at Momease, you will look forward with confidence that you’re ready.

Our childbirth classes are comprehensive and focus on the entire preparation and childbirth experience. As a single mom, you are entirely welcome to bring a support person along with you if you desire. You will learn about labor and how to be comfortable. We’ll look at birth techniques and hospital procedures, including medical pain relief.

Of course, once you’ve had your new bundle of joy, you’re still part of the Momease family as we offer instruction on how to recover, and you also get access to our new parent portal and Facebook group.

Our staff members work to provide you with a realistic expectation of what to expect in the hospital and examples of working with the medical staff. Contact us today at Momease to book a class.