Breastfeeding 101 – Online registration for this event.

Who it’s for: This class is for moms who are currently breastfeeding and anyone hoping to learn more about the practical aspects and tactics of breastfeeding. We recommend this class is taken within the first 6 weeks after birth. Dads and partners are welcome to attend and can also benefit from learning more about breastfeeding.

Details: This two-hour class will cover the most common breastfeeding topics in a fun and engaging class as the instructor offers practical tips that can be implemented right away by new breastfeeding moms. The class includes information on the following:

      • Building a strong milk supply
      • Latching and positioning
      • Overcoming common hurdles like engorgement, soreness, and plugged ducts.
      • Incorporating your partner into your breastfeeding routine
      • Preparing to return to work as a breastfeeding mom
      • Balancing pumping and breastfeeding
A list of recommended items and products to purchase for breastfeeding will also be provided. Fee is $ 50 per couple.