Momease will provide a supervised, structured doula internship for students to become certified doulas by DONA, CAPPA, ICEA or ALACE. This internship will include required education for certification , networking with other maternal/child health professionals, clinical resources and assistance with finding opportunities to meet required certification births.

Labor Doula Internship Goal

  • Internship must be completed within one year of signing the Momease Labor Doula contract

1 to 3 months

  • Attend the following classes : childbirth, breastfeeding, babycare basics, and at least one elective (pregnancy massage, prenatal yoga or exercise, infant massage, etc.)
  • Attend all  Momease Internship Traning Workshops, please review  workshop .
  • Observe at least three births with an experience labor doula.   Exceptions made upon review of student doula’s previous birth experience.
  • Receive training to provide Prenatal Tours at George Washington University Hospital
  • Attend at least one certifying birth with or without experience doula

4 to 6 months

    • Attend at least two certifying birth and provide client postpartum visits.
    • Schedule evaluation session with clinical supervisor after each birth.
    • Complete required reading and certification requirements.
    • Attend Momease Meet the Doula to meet clients and other Labor doula
Doula 3

7 to 12 months

  • Continue to attend at least one birth monthly
  • Complete final evaluation session with clinical supervisor
  • Send documentation to certification organization (i.e. DONA, CAPPA, ICEA or ALACE)