Jennifer Balazero
Jennifer Balarezo, who teaches infant/child CPR for Momease, is owner of GOTCPR, LLC. She is an EMT for the Commonwealth of Virginia and lead EMS technician for the Dale City Volunteer Fire Department, where she won 2012 EMT of Year for the 5th Battalion.
Balarezo holds an associate in science degree from Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) as well as bachelor’s degree in biology from George Mason University.
She is an American Heart Association instructor in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers and Pediatric First Aid.
In addition to her work with Momease, she is a part-time medical contractor for MedStar and NVCC’s Medical Campus.
She told the Washington Post Express about a time when CPR played a defining moment in her life: “In December 2003, her father, who was suffering from terminal lung cancer, went into cardiac arrest at home. Jenn called 911 and performed CPR until emergency services arrived, but her father’s body had shut down so much that he couldn’t be saved. In the aftermath, Jenn realized her training as an EMT helped her stay calm during a crisis. It gave her a new goal: ‘I want to be able to help people feel somewhat secure in how to react in an emergency,’ she says.”
Balarezo also says being around people who want to help others perks her up.
“I really, really enjoy the stories that people share, even if it’s tragic,” she told the Post Express. “I just love to listen, and I love to share because I can completely empathize. To teach CPR or first aid, I think that you should be in a setting where you’re actually doing this. It’s different if you’re being taught by someone who’s never actually done CPR versus us, because this is what we do.”
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