Whether your upcoming birth will be your first or not, Momease is here to teach you everything you need to give your child a good start in their life. Our Lamaze class in Washington, DC, demystifies the birthing process so that you may approach it naturally with confidence.

We believe that the Lamaze method can work for anyone, no matter if you’re planning to go to the hospital, go to a special birthing center, or stay at home. Contact us to learn more about our Lamaze classes and what you can expect from our experienced instructors.

What is Lamaze?

Originally developed by the French obstetrician Ferdinand Lamaze, the Lamaze method is one of the most commonly taught varieties of childbirth preparation. It focuses on labor and delivery as a natural process with a focus on special breathing patterns and relaxation techniques. Lamaze childbirth classes aim to increase mothers’ confidence and teach them how to respond to pain in ways that facilitate labor more comfortably.

The Lamaze method holds that birth is normal and natural and that women have the right to give birth without medical interventions. However, these classes also educate mothers on when medical intervention (including pain relief medication) is necessary so that they may give true informed consent.