Childbirth is one of the most natural things in our world, but it is best to be prepared as possible. If you are planning to give birth unmedicated, the team at Momease is here to help you get ready to increase safety for you and your baby.

Often, mothers want a natural birth but aren’t fully prepared for it, resulting in a much-needed epidural and disappointment. Our unmedicated birth classes in Washington, DC, will help you feel—and stay—confident during labor and delivery so that it can be the momentous event you have dreamed of. These classes include:

Eliminating Your Fears About Childbirth
Teaching You How to Manage Pain Physically and Mentally

Preparing Your Partner to Provide Support and Advocacy
Showing You Multiple Pushing Positions and Methods

Educating You About Intervention in Case Things Go Awry

Get Ready with Momease

Contact us today to register for our upcoming unmedicated birth classes, parenting classes, and other courses. We are currently offering both online and in-person options to suit your needs. To better serve expectant parents, we limit our class sizes; be sure to sign up for the dates you want as soon as possible to guarantee your spot. We recommend registering early in your pregnancy—before reaching 30 weeks—since classes fill quickly.