As you learn the benefits of breastfeeding in Washington, DC, you will discover the following:

Learn Benefits Of Breastfeeding in Washington, DC

Mother nursing son

  • BREASTFED BABIES SMELL BETTERUnlike the stinky stools of a formula-fed baby, the stools of a breastfed infant have a less offensive buttermilk-like odor. Changing the diaper of a breastfed infant is not an unpleasant task–which is fortunate, because most breastfed babies have several bowel movements a day. When the baby looks at the face of the diaper-changing caregiver and sees happiness rather than disgust, he picks up the right message about himself – perhaps a perk for building self-esteem. Learn more with our support services for mothers.
  • BREASTFED BABIES HAVE NICER SKINMany pediatricians who have developed a keen eye and sense of touch over years of examining babies report that they can often tell by the look and feel of an infant’s skin whether the baby is breastfed or formula-fed. The skin of a breastfed baby usually has a softer, smoother feel. There is also less delineation between where the fat under the skin ends, and the underlying muscle begins. The skin of formula-fed babies tends to be rougher with dry, often sandpaper-like, patches. Breastfed babies feel more solid. Our consultants make sure you learn the benefits of breastfeeding. Researchers report that the subcutaneous fat in breast and formula-fed infants has a different composition.
  • BREASTFEEDING BUILDS BRIGHTER BRAINS AND HEALTHIER BODIES Not only does breastmilk build brighter brains and healthier bodies, but it’s also valuable to baby’s vision. Studies comparing breastfed and formula-fed infants show that visual development (called visual acuity) is more advanced in breastfed babies. This finding is particularly noticeable in premature infants. The presence of DHA may be one of the reasons for this. DHA is one of the prime structural components of the retina of the eye. Our pregnancy resources will tell you, as with all tissues, the better you feed it, the better it grows and functions. So, the better you feed the retina, the better the vision, another reason why breastfed babies have a healthier “outlook” on life.

3-hour Lactation Consult and Home Visit – Online registration for this event.

Part of our support services for mothers are lactation consultants. These are health professionals with specialized training and experience in helping breastfeeding mothers and babies. It’s much easier to have someone show you early on before latch-on problems turn into sore nipples or problems with baby not getting enough milk. Momease Lactation consultants are available to provide home visits and some hospital visits to assist.

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6-hour Lactation and Postpartum Doula Services – Online registration for this event.

If you’re experiencing problems breastfeeding the lactation consultant will provide the 1st visit and focus on resolving your breastfeeding problems. You may want to learn the benefits of breastfeeding. The consultant will happily answer all your questions.

First visit – (within 3-5 days after the baby is home). Newborn care to include breastfeeding/bottle feeding, bathing, infant safety, techniques to calm the newborn and understand your newborn’s needs, and organizational tips for life with the new baby.

Mother care is general postpartum care, breastfeeding and relaxation tips.

A postpartum doula will work with the Lactation consult and follow-up on the next visit and provide the following services.

Second visit- (when the newborn is 10-14 days old). The doula will help with infant feeding and sleep schedules, maternal recovery, parenting skills, and family organizational tips to transition to life with a new baby.

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