Becoming a mother is a learning experience. As a first-time parent, it is understandable to have questions and concerns about nurturing a newborn. While the journey of life can be a long one and full of surprises, you never have to tread this path alone. At Momease, we are committed to empowering women with the knowledge they need to take these first steps with love, compassion, and confidence.

Learn Benefits Of Breastfeeding in Washington, DC

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At our education center, you can learn the benefits of breastfeeding in Washington, DC. We host classes and seminars for expectant mothers and new parents. With our guidance, you will learn the skills necessary to raise a healthy and happy child during the first months of their development. In turn, you will build a solid foundation for your loved one.

About Breastfeeding

Our classes focus on breastfeeding. Before attending one of these seminars, we encourage you to read some of the advantages this has for newborns:

  1. Breastfed Babies Smell Better: The stools of a breastfed infant emit a less offensive odor compared to stools that contain baby formula. This is especially important when changing a diaper. Since you or the caregiver is less likely to have a disgusted expression, it aids in building a baby’s self-esteem.
  2. It Aids in Maintaining Healthy Skin: By and large, breastfed babies develop smoother skin than their formula-fed counterparts. Pediatricians notice that when a baby is breastfed, their body composition is more solid. A formula-fed child tends to develop rough or dry patches of skin, which can be signs of rashes or irritation.
  3. Breastfeeding Aids in Physical and Mental Development: DHA is a chemical that is critical in the development of a baby’s retina. Breast milk contains more DHA than formula. As a result, a breastfed baby will have more advanced visual acuity, leading to stronger vision.

Take Advantage of Our Support Services for Mothers

We offer several support services for mothers that involve lactation and breastfeeding. Some of these programs include learning how to breastfeed, as well as receiving guidance from a doula. Learn more about them here:

Three-Hour Lactation Consultation and Home Visit

Our health professionals are available to advise you on breastfeeding. They can show you what you can do to address latch-on issues, soreness, or problems with your baby not getting enough milk. We can arrange home visits and visits to some hospitals to assist you.

Six-Hour Lactation and Postpartum Doula Services

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If you are experiencing problems breastfeeding, our lactation consulting can help you resolve them. We have a personalized program that is hosted over several visits to your home. The consultant will happily answer your questions.

  • First Visit: This visit is conducted within 3-5 days after the baby is home. Newborn care includes breastfeeding/bottle feeding, bathing, infant safety, techniques to calm the newborn and understanding their needs, as well as organizational tips for life with the new baby.

Mother care is general postpartum care, breastfeeding and relaxation tips. A postpartum doula will work with the lactation consult and follow-up on the next visit.

  • Second Visit: When the newborn is 10-14 days old, the doula and consultant will visit to help with infant feeding and sleep schedules, maternal recovery, parenting skills, and family organizational tips to transition to life with a new baby.

Momease has contracts to provide services at most of the hospitals in the DC area, so you can feel confident in knowing that we are available to assist you. Please fill out our client intake form if you are interested in our support services for mothers. You can also contact us directly if you have any questions about our services or programs.