Placenta encapsulation helps countless women have an easier postpartum experience. Your placenta contains a unique composition of the hormones and nutrients that your body may benefit from soon after birth. I can help you bottle up those benefits into a little capsule.


Placenta encapsulation just may be for you if you desire an easier hormonal transition after birth because the drop in hormones after birth can be intense and unexpected. Placenta capsules can help you ease that transition into a much more manageable experience.


Placenta encapsulation just may be for you if you have concerns about building a healthy milk supply. Research is limited on placenta encapsulation but there is one study that has shown evidence that ingesting placenta has the potential to positively affect milk supply. In this study 86% of women were found to have an increase in milk supply within 4 days of consuming their placenta.


Placenta encapsulation may be for you if you are looking for a natural way to beat postpartum fatigue. It is very common for new moms to describe their early postpartum experience as exhausting. It’s also very common to find that newly postpartum mothers’ iron levels are low. Low iron levels are a common cause of fatigue. Your placenta is an easily accessible source of iron which has the potential to restore your iron levels and in turn decrease your postpartum fatigue.​